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Mr. Anil Trigunayat, IFS (Retd.)

Former Ambassador to Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Libya and Malta

PRESIDENT, Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture

Ambassador Anil Trigunayat IFS (Retd.) has been a member of the Indian Foreign Service. He has served in the Indian Missions in Cote d’Ivoire, Bangladesh, Mongolia, USA, Russia, Sweden, Nigeria, Libya and Jordan. In the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) he worked in the Economic, West Asia & North Africa and Consular Divisions & also served as Director General/Joint Secretary for the Gulf & Haj Divisions.

Mr. Trigunayat worked as Deputy Chief of Mission in the rank of Ambassador in the Embassy of India, Moscow prior to his superannuation in May 2016, he served as Ambassador of India to Jordan and Libya and High Commissioner to Malta ( June 2012 – May 2016).

He is a post graduate in physics from the Agra/Kumaun University and also studied Russian History, Culture and Language at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. As a visiting fellow he also conducted research work on “WTO and Regional Trading Blocs” at the Oxford University.

He is a member of the All India Management Association/Delhi Management Association as well as that of Oxford and Cambridge Society of India and the Secretary, Association of Indian Diplomats (Former Ambassadors). He is also the honorary member of the International Trade Council, Brussels securing national interests in conflict zones, promoting Trade and Investment as well as Economic Diplomacy have been his special areas of interest. Developments in Middle-East , Africa and Russia hold his special attention given a large network and contact base of friends and well –wishers of India.

Currently apart from contributing articles and media commentaries on topical issues, he is steering a committee on promotion of trade and investment with Africa and the Middle-East at the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI). He is also honorary adviser to BRICS Chamber of Commerce as well as a distinguished fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation.

Amb. Anil Trigunayat knows French, Russian and Spanish languages.


Incredible India is no longer a figment of philosophical ventures and imagination. Over the years it has emerged as the fastest growing major economy in the world with over 7% annual growth in GDP. In terms of PPP it has become the third largest economy . India’s industrial prowess and intellectual enterprise have made the Indian work force a global good and a comparative advantage for the country. Moreover, India has always been a trading nation even if during the course of history due to foreign invasions and colonial rule its trading quest was contained . The spirit of Indian adventure continues apace.
While India has surely emerged as a leader in the Information Technology and Communications we can forget the contribution of the Small and medium sector industries to the Indian growth story. It was estimated that over 45 million units employing over 100 million people and huge capital from the MSME Sector provide the requisite fuel and impetus to industrial and economic growth of the country. This sector continues to be nurtured and guided especially as they look for new opportunities abroad and chartering green field territories in trade and investment across the whole spectrum of manufacturing, services and agriculture sectors.
Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched several salutary initiatives to make India a manufacturing hub through his “Make in India’ , “Start up India “ and “ Stand up India” . Similarly, the “Digital India” aims to bridge the digital divide in the country and to really the reap the benefits of a democratic and demographic dividend so that India stands tall as an economic and democratic giant in the comity of nations.
We are striving to assist the Indian government and industry in their economic enterprise through the Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (MIICCIA) by identifying suitable opportunities in India and abroad and creating reliable networks so that a win-win relationship between the Indian and foreign businesses could prosper. Our motto is to Access, Adapt and Achieve. Let us join hands in this effort of nation building.

Article by

Ambassador Anil Trigunayat, IFS (Retd.)

MIICCIA President

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