Request Letter for Visa Recommendation
(On the letterhead of the Company)

Date 11/30/2021
The Secretary
Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce
Industry & Agriculture New Delhi
Subject: Request for Recommendation letter for Business visit VISA to  


I/We am/are Member of the MIICCIA . Our Membership No. is   Mr.  ,(Name)   (Designation) of our company would be visiting   (Name of the Country) in the month of for business purpose on behalf of the Company.

We would be grateful if you can issue a recommendation letter to the (name of the Embassy/High Commission) for a Business visit VISA for travel beginning (Date).

The details of the concerned employee are as follows:-

1 First Name(as per passport)  
2 Last Name
3 Date of Birth  
4 Passport No.  
5 Date of issue  
6 Date of Expiry  
7 Email id  
8 Contact details
Tel. No.
Cell No.


We hereby certify that the person listed above is a full time regular employee of our company. We confirm that (i) we will fulfill all the requirements/documentations needed by the concerned Embassy for Visa; and (ii) the information given above is correct to the best of our knowledge. We also confirm and agree to keep indemnified the MIICCIA Chamber and/or its officials against all possible actions/claims/demands/suits and proceedings or dispute or any liability arising out of the issuance of the Recommendation Letter for Visa, aforesaid as the case may be.

Following Documents are submitted along with Request letter for Visa Recommendation :-

  • 1) Passport Copy & Office ID copy of the concerned Company employee;
  • 2) Copy of Invitation letter from the foreign company;
  • 3) Indemnity Bond of Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper ( The Bond is a continuing Indemnity Bond and need not be submitted with every set of documents);

Thanking you
Yours faithfully